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Routine | "Le Temps N'Attend Personne"

Before all the tragedy occurs, I wanted to show a snapshot of sorts of the duo in their day-to-day lives. Maddie and Giselle awaken early in the morning to cook breakfast and have time to sit down and chat away, be it about news within the town or about the books they are each reading at the moment. They open the shop at around 11 AM, anticipating their regulars Abella and Louis who are always promptly on time. Louis loves to visit Giselle over a cup of tea and the morning paper, chatting away the whole morning while Maddie tidies up the store and does inventory. Maddie takes it upon herself to now allow Giselle to lift a finger and instead enjoy Louis's company. Maddie helps Abella in finding new books the child hasn’t already read. Victor is always accompanying Abella even though he has no interest in books, but simply wants to be in her company and wants her to follow him around for a change.

Maddie attends to both children, trying her best to get Victor into books as well, seeing her past self in him occasionally. Alexandre tends to visit the shop later in the evening, greeting the ladies and browsing for any new books he can use for his schooling. Sometimes Maddie chats with him about college, curious about what a “normal” college student does on a daily basis. Alexandre has always had a small crush on the young shop owner, but he has never been able to bring himself to tell her, as he is aware of the burdens Maddie is undergoing with her grandmother and keeping this shop open, despite her young age. He admires her strength and keeps his feelings to himself, not wanting to bother her with anything more on her plate. He enjoys the quiet evenings he spends talking with her about school and friends, answering all her questions and quenching her curiosity.

Giselle feels terrible that Maddie can’t go to study, due to her failing health and needing so much help with the shop. In the evening, after closing up the shop, the ladies go up to their apartment and Maddie begins cooking dinner while insisting her grandmother take it easy, a suggestion Giselle chooses to ignore. As they set the table to eat, Maddie notices her grandma has been slowing down more and having trouble doing small tasks. This worries her and she can’t help but stress over the fact she is going to lose her grandma sooner than she thought. Maddie has avoided talking about this fact, or even thinking about it herself, but the time has come for her to discuss this matter with Giselle. As the sun sets, the small family discusses what the future holds, the uncertainties and fears both women have, and the undeniable love they hold for each other.

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