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Lost Time | “Le Temps N’Attend Personne”

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Hewo everyone! In my exploration of the world these characters inhabit, I wanted to have soft colours that weren’t too distracting from the main focus which is the characters themselves and their relationships with each other. I researched thoroughly French architecture, primarily villages that had aspects of nature surrounding them, as opposed to the city which is more crowded and lacks semblances of plants/nature itself. I imagined a village that allows nature to take its course and even has plants strewn in their balconies or hanging from their buildings. As it's small I imagined a lot of the people inhabiting it would know each other or be well acquainted with each other, a place where parents allow their kids to run amok throughout the town. There is also the unspoken rule that most people stay in this little town and only few actually go on to pursue their dreams, as a lot of family businesses flourish here and the next generations are expected to take over their family’s businesses.

Giselle has lived here for all of her life, taking over the bookshop from her own grandfather and raising her daughter and granddaughter here. The bookshop holds a lot of fond memories for her and, try as she might, she fights to keep it open. As the years go on, the shop is harder and harder to keep afloat, and even though Maddie wishes to take over the business in her stead, Giselle wishes Maddie could go on to college and do something for herself. It saddens Giselle to see her grandfather’s shop crumble before her eyes, but she accepts that time truly waits for no one and things changes whether you hope they don’t. Through all the hardships, all the uncertainty and rough times, Giselle’s beacon of hope has remained in Maddie, her beautiful granddaughter. She has become Giselle’s new dream, a dream where Maddie moves on to another town or city, wherever she wishes to go and starts a family of her own or gets an education. Whatever Maddie decides to do Giselle will always remain proud of her, regardless if she gets to see her accomplish it or not.

As Giselle is unable to keep the shop open, regardless of Maddie’s fervent attempts to help, Giselle’s age catches up to her and the shop has to close down forever. Giselle is hospitalized and tragically passes away, leaving Maddie to go on her own path without her grandmother by her side. Their frequent customers were saddened to see the shop they visited regularly close down, Abella being heartbroken that the two women who were integral to her childhood both left. She passes by the bookshop on her way to school, saddened at how much changes in such little time.

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