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Character Lineup |"Le Temps N'Attend Personne"

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Hewo friends! In this lineup, I wanted to showcase all the characters that are integral to the overarching story. Showing Maddie throughout the years was integral, from a young age, a teen, to a young adult. Maddie goes from being a happy child who loves books to a more serious adult who carries herself in a confident manner. This demonstrates the passage of time within the story. Giselle and Glacier are also integral to the story, being Maddie’s beloved grandmother and pet cat. Giselle was intended to be a kind-looking grandma, one that loves to take care of others and is open, inviting to all people. She adores her bookshop and her granddaughter, with the hopes that her bookshop can bring smiles to everyone's faces. With Giselle and Maddie, I wanted them to look like spitting versions of each other, one being older, one being younger, yet maintaining their own individuality. As for Glacier, I wanted to exhibit his moodiness through his eyes, showing how aloof and grouchy he is towards the whole world. He looks down on these mere mortals who are beneath his grandeur.

For the side characters, I kept in mind what kind of people would be coming into this small bookshop in this small village. I recalled how when I was young, I immersed myself in books and literature, becoming engrossed in whatever it was I was reading that day. With that in mind, and calling back to Maddie’s childhood, I designed a young girl, Abella who regularly visits the bookshop to borrow/buy new books to ingest. She has become like another daughter of sorts to Giselle and Maddie enjoys recommending books she enjoyed when she was younger to her.

This young girl’s friend, on the other hand, Victor, is not as into literature as she is. I exhibited this through their stances and facial features, Abella being more hesitant and clutching her books while Victor is very standoffish and grouchy. The young tall man, Alexandre is a sleep-deprived college student who is always on the go. He moved away from this small village for school but when he visits home, he always stops by the bookstore to pick up textbooks or readings for his classes at more affordable prices. Although he’s always focused on his studies and may come across as irritable or rude, he is a kind young man who shows nothing but respect for Giselle and Maddie. Louis is a long-time customer of the shop and a friend to Giselle for many years. He may not always come in for a book, but he enjoys having a cup of tea with Giselle while he reads out loud the newspaper.

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